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Review of Ryan Deiss's 43 Split Tests v2.0

Ryan Deiss recently released an update to to his original information product "43 Split Tests", calling it 43 Split Tests v2.0 Updated for 2010. In it, Ryan reveals the results of many Split Tests that were performed and determined to increase the conversion rate of potential clients visiting your website or reading your emails and print ads. Here's my review of this product.

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A Better State-Province Selector for Your Web Forms

I've never liked the standard implementation almost every site uses to select your State or Province in a web form. Selecting one out of 50 or more items from your traditional dropdown list is a pain in the butt. This morning, I've come across a simple and elegant solution that I'd like to share with you.

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Displaying Formatted Source Code in a SquareSpace Website

This post will cover how to integrate Alex Gorbatchev's excellent SyntaxHighlighter javascript tool so that any code snippets you include in your blog post will by nicely formatted with line numbers, color-coding and more. This is also known as pretty-printing your source code.

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Cheap Meat Never Makes a Good Soup - A Tale of Two Web Developers

In this post, we'll explore why such a disparity exists in the cost of designing and developing a website. Read about how Calvin almost lost his business after choosing to work with a "budget" web design agency.

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Why 99% of All Drop-Down Navigation Menus Must Die!

Remember as a kid getting one of those little plastic toy mazes as a cheap prize at a birthday party? You know, the kind with the cardboard back and malformed little ball? Basically, they were not fun at all because even with excellent manual dexterity, you couldn't make the ball go where you wanted because of the poor manufacturing quality. In this post, I'll cover the reasons why you should trash that on-hover navigation from your website just like you trashed that 5 cent plastic toy.

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